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Since 1978, Zymurgy magazine, official journal of the American Homebrewers Association, has served homebrewers with recipes, practical tips, debates, lore and entertainment. Now Charlie Papazian, founder of the magazine and first name in homebrewing, has combed through classic issues of Zymurgy for this unprecedented collection, packed with popular, timeless homebrewing wisdom for beginners and advanced homebrewers alike Award-winning homebrew recipes, and recipes that use your brew as a cook ingredient Whats in your waterand why finding out can make all the difference to your beer How to make exotic brews like stone beer, Swedish gotlandscrika or Dusseldorf Altbier Switching to gain brewingall you need to know about malts and malt extract How to make authentic English bitters and serve it properly at home How to construct a homemade bottle filler Experimenting wit herbs, spices and different strains of yeast for new tastes in your home brew And, much, much more!
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