The West Indies and the Spanish Main

1860. Prolific English writer of novels dealing with Victorian life. Trollope also worked and traveled extensively for the Post Office, undertaking important postal missions at various times to Egypt, the West Indies and the United States. In addition to his novels Trollope wrote a number of travel books. This volume begins: I am beginning to write this book on board the brig-, trading between Kingston, in Jamaica, and Cien Fuegos, on the southern coast of Cuba. At the present moment there is not a puff of wind, neither land breeze nor sea breeze; the sails are flapping idly against the masts; there is not motion enough to give us the command of the rudder; the tropical sun is shining through upon my head into the miserable hole which they have deluded me into thinking was a cabin. The marine people-the captain and his satellites-are bound to provide me; and all that they have provided is yams, salt pork, biscuit, and bad coffee. I should be starved but for the small ham-would that it had been a large one-which I thoughtfully purchased in Kingston; and had not a kind medical friend, as he grasped me by the hand at Port Royal, stuffed a box of sardines into my pocket. He suggested two boxes. Would that I had taken them! See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

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